DHTML Menu Builder


Create dynamic menus for your website with a wizard


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DHTML Menu Builder is an application that makes building a dynamic menu for your website easy.

It contains a powerful assistant that lets you select all the options and sub-options your menu will contain, including the pages they'll link to.

Choose a nice-looking design for your menu from the 30+ templates included in the program: there are toolbars for operating systems, simple menus with images, multiple menus, horizontal ones, vertical ones....

If you don't like how the assistant works, you can create a menu manually. Just add the options, sub-options, and separators to the menu, as well as the actions to be done when you hover the mouse over a link, click, double-click, or click on the image it contains.

Compile your finished product and export it to your page. Boasting a website with a dynamic menu is sure to improve your page's appearance considerably.

This demo version deactives the menu links you've created.

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